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Mother’s Day – it’s the small things that count

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for us to thank the nurturing women in our lives for all that they have done for us. It’s a day to recognise not only their love and support, but also the small things they do and have done for us, day in and day out.

Things we might take for granted or not fully notice until they’re not present in our lives – the washing that always seems to get done, a note of encouragement left for us on a hard day, and always making time for a cup of tea when we need to talk or the infallible ability to make us laugh and smile.

This Mother’s Day we asked a group of children to talk about what they most appreciate and love about their mums. Their answers ranged from the big, “she fixes my problems”, to the small, “she makes me chocolate milkshakes”, but all agreed they had a lot to be thankful for. Watch the full video below.

What are some of the ‘small things’ you feel thankful for?