Connecting for Men’s Health 

Men’s Health Week 2021.  

A big part of health for any person is their mental health. Mental health is affected by many different factors, including how connected you feel to other people, your experiences and circumstances, and your physical health. 

This Men’s Health Week, we have collected some articles, booklets and tips for men and boys. They focus on building strong relationships, parenting, coping with grief and loss and improving mental health. 

6 tips for mental health  

Tip #1 Healthy eating, hydration and sleep

Eating fresh, healthy food, drinking enough water and getting at least 7 hours of sleep are the most essential forms of self-care. In times of stress, it’s easy to reach for comfort food, drink alcohol or stay up late, but the ‘good feels’ don’t last long. Try preparing a healthy meal, drinking water and getting a solid night’s sleep for self-care.  

Tip #2 Relaxation 

Once a day, for at least 30 minutes, find time to relax or engage with a hobby you enjoy. It can help change your thinking, and the release of endorphins can turn negative viewpoints into positive ones.  

Tip #3 Routine 

One way to reduce stress is to create a routine. In the morning, wake up, shower, get dressed and start the day regularly. Other things like sitting down for dinner with your household, sticking to working hours, setting breaks, and going to bed at a reasonable hour are good routines. These practices give us structure in our day and reduce stress.   

Tip #4 Movement 

Exercise and movement are essential for your physical and mental well-being. The endorphins will help keep low moods at bay. If you have time on your hands, you might choose to do a short exercise session twice or even three times a day. Ensure you get outside once a day for 30 minutes. This can have a positive effect on our mood and help us re-energise.  

Tip #5 Keep Perspective  

Limit your exposure to the ‘news’, including social media pages. Repetitive input of disasters, crimes and tragedies can very quickly bring our mood down. Remember that anxiety and depression can feel all-consuming, but with time and support, things can get better.  

Tip #6 Seek Support  

We have support services for men (and their families).
Talk to a family advisor to find out how we can support you. 1300 364 277 |
You might want to also check out Beyond Blue, Mensline or (if you’re a young person) Headspace. 

If you are experiencing family violence or are concerned about your behaviour, there is support available.

  • Police
    If someone is in danger.
    000 | 
    24 hours | 7 days 
  • Lifeline 
    For crisis situations.
    13 11 14 | 
    24 hours | 7 days 
  • 1800 RESPECT
    National sexual assult, domestic family violence counselling service.
    1800 737 732 |
    24 hours | 7 days 
  • Family and Domestic Violence Services
    For those affected by family and domestic violence. 
    1300 364 277 | 
    9.00am – 5.00pm | Monday – Friday