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Class Acts

A reader asks: “I am puzzled to know how teachers control behaviour and maintain discipline in the classroom these days. All the old methods are forbidden, and rightly so for some of them, but are children punished at all today?” Continue Reading

Will Dismay

“MY widowed mother died recently and left nothing to my sister or me. Instead she divided her estate equally among the grandchildren (we each have two children). I wonder why my mother left me out? It might sound silly, but it hurts.” Continue Reading

Homework Help

“My wife and I have always taken an interest in our children’s homework. Now our children are in high school, it has become increasingly apparent that this behaviour is unwelcome. Should we lessen our interest, or cease it perhaps?” Continue Reading

Eye Concern

“Over the past few months my wife has developed very dark circles under her eyes. I have never seen another person with similar darkness. Is there any medical condition which could cause this? My trouble is she refuses to talk to her GP.” Continue Reading

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