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Gambling Help SA

Relationships Australia (SA) provides a free, confidential and comprehensive support service. We can help if gambling is affecting your life, finances, relationships with your family and friends, focus at work and or health and wellbeing.

Our Gambling Help team consists of qualified counsellors and financial counsellors with extensive experience in helping individuals, couples and families with gambling and related issues.

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Walking on Eggshells

The ‘Walking on eggshells…’ are resources for parents and carers who are dealing with violent and abusive behaviour from their children and adolescents.

The information and advice booklet and fold up card offer suggestions and resources as well as support and advice to families in South Australia dealing with violent and abusive behaviour from their children.

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Sexual Wellbeing and Breast Cancer

While some women experience positive changes to their sexual wellbeing or sexual relationship after breast cancer, for others breast cancer can have the opposite effect.

“I love my husband very much and our relationship is good but my physical body does not respond like it used to.” — Woman, 51 years.

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