International Children’s Day

On 14 July, staff from our Marion office took part in an International Children’s Day celebration at Hackham West Community Centre.

The event provided local children and their families with an afternoon of fun activities and entertainment, as well as information about the services available through the centre.

More than 65 children created their own customised canvas bags using art materials at our stall. Family and Relationship Counsellor, Corinna said it was great to see so many children from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds taking part and having fun with the activity.

“The children loved the activity! We had trouble giving everyone the opportunity to have a turn,” Corinna said.

“It was a vibrant afternoon – the children really enjoyed it and the parents were able to peruse the stalls and enquire about the services available at the centre.”

Relationships Australia (SA) offers Family and Relationship Counselling and iKiDs services through Hackham West Community Centre.