Information for adoptive parents

People decide to adopt for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is because adoption has been a part of the parents life so they see this as a normal way to build family, other times infertility leads parents to decide to adopt. Other families choose to adopt rather than increasing their family size biologically, as they feel they can offer a home and family life to a child who needs this.

Whatever the motivation to adopt, the child who comes into a family through adoption has a unique journey – one that includes the loss of their first family. This loss, alongside the other experiences children may have had in foster care or orphanages, can impact how a child sees themselves and their place in the world. The effect of loss and disruption and have a significant impact even if a child was adopted at a very young age. This might cause some challenges early on when the child joins the family, or may not be apparent until later in life, often in a child’s teenage years.

PASS provides information and support specific to parenting adopted children with loss and trauma in their early lives and who may see the world a little differently. They may therefore not respond in the same way to a child who has not had adoption as part of their history, and parenting children with a therapeutic focus is helpful. PASS offers training and support in Therapeutic Parenting and other topics related to parenting and child development.

Support groups

  • Therapeutic parenting
  • Reading and Discussion Groups

Intercountry Adoption

Our booklet Intercountry Adoption: Where a  Child’s History Includes an Experience of Malnutrition is packed full of information for adoptive parents. It contains general information on the effects and issues that may be associated with different types of malnutrition, and the potential impacts this can have on children’s growth and development. Please note this booklet has been developed as an information source and should not replace individual assessment and advice by medical professionals.

Therapeutic Parenting with Relationship and Regulation

The Post Adoption Support Service (PASS) provides this parenting program specifically for adoptive parents. All children who have come in to families through adoption have experienced early trauma and attachment disruption. This can influence how they see themselves, the world, and the way they are parented. As a result, sometimes parents can feel that the way they are parenting is just not working with a child or young person, even though they have good parenting skills and have been doing everything ‘right’.

This program was developed in recognition that it is parents are in the best position to help their children to heal from earlier experiences – you are with them every day and it is all the little interactions with those closest to them that may have the biggest impact. Yet parenting a child with these challenges can be challenging. This program will facilitate new understanding about your child and yourself, help you understand your child’s perception of relationship and safety, and explores the support, skills and information you need to parent your child ‘therapeutically’.

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