Ice Factor!

The RASA Raiders are sporting a new jersey this year, which was sponsored by the Boys’ Brigade.   

The FYI Flexible Leaning Program has 23 kids enrolled, all having the opportunity to take part in the Ice Factor tournaments, which run once every school term.

They play five games in one day – this year they won two, drew one and lost two – an amazing improvement.

The team have not only improved in their scoring but also in their brilliant teamwork; they have become more connected and supportive of each other on and off the ice.

Hayley, one of the team members, received an award for most improved!

Part of the team off the ice includes; the amazing staff, and their coach Ambrose, who comes from the Ice Factor tournament.

This year are lucky to have a social work exchange student from Canada, Zoe. She is currently studying at the University of Sout Australia , teaching the Raiders her advanced skills in ice hockey.

Big thanks to Sharon and Beau for helping throughout the year.

The team train once a week, all year!

So proud of these young people, don’t forget to check out the photos!