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Humankind website launched to provide relationship support to those living with chronic illness

Relationships Australia has a website, that supports people living with chronic illness and their loved ones to achieve positive and respectful relationships. Humankind provides relationship information, support and resources appropriate for people living with a chronic illness, their loved ones and for practitioners working with clients living with chronic illness.

“All couples experience hard times to some degree, and living with a chronic illness or with a partner who is chronically ill can have a dramatic impact on your relationship,” says Alison Brook. “Relationship issues are often overlooked in dealing with chronic illness, however research suggests that good relationship health is fundamental to overall wellbeing. Working to improve your most important relationships can lead to positive health outcomes, and this is what the Humankind website aims to help people do.”

The name Humankind comes from the notion that it is human to experience chronic illness and it is natural for humans to want to help each other when times are tough. The + sign is the connector between human and kind, a sign which denotes peace and is synonymous with first aid movements around the world. Being kind is the corner stone to healthy and long lasting relationships. The message from Humankind is to be kind to yourself and others.

Humankind has been developed by Relationships Australia in partnership with Relationships Australia New South Wales, Relationships Australia South Australia, and Relationships Australia Victoria with assistance through a Health Access Grant from Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology.

To visit the website, please click here.

To access the media release, visit here.

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