Time to just be kids: How Time for Kids volunteer carers are making a difference

Sisters Sarah and Paula were matched with carers by Time for Kids in 2016, at 8 and 9 years old. Their mum is a single parent who doesn’t have a great deal of support. Both of the girls take on many of the household responsibilities and also care for their younger siblings.

During their regular visits with carers Chris and Gabby, the girls have opportunities to participate in activities they may not ordinarily have. They get the chance to have a break from their day-to-day responsibilities and to enjoy some recreational time with a family they have grown to consider an extension of their own.

During this COVID-19 time of physical distancing, Chris and Gabby have been finding creative ways to ensure they remain connected with Sarah and Paula.

Their last ‘visit’ was an online pizza and quiz party. Together they designed a quiz about their two families.

Then, the carers had pizza delivered to the girls’ house and their own so they could enjoy a virtual meal together, while they had fun with their quiz on Zoom.

While many things may have changed during the time of COVID-19, Time for Kids is still working hard to support children and their families, and we still need your support.

We are facing an unprecedented time of crisis. With restrictions and uncertainty around us, it’s easy to forget the substantial, ongoing impact of the Time for Kids program.

We are asking for your financial contribution so we can ensure our volunteer carers and children continue to feel connected and supported. Donate easily and securely online, however large or small, your donations help. Donations $2+ are tax-deductible.

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About Time for Kids

On 22 April 2020 Time for Kids celebrated 60 years of providing support services to children and young people in South Australia.
For 60 years, incredible individuals and families have been providing volunteer respite care and mentoring to these children. It never ceases to touch our hearts, that from these pairings extended, lifelong relationships develop.

Since its inception, Time for Kids has linked more than 5000 children with carers and mentors, prepared to give them a break, support them and help guide them in good times and bad.

Be part of this life-changing work.