Have you ever thought of counselling as a career? The Institute can help make your vision a reality.

Become a counsellor, gain deep insight into why we think and behave as we do.



 At The Institute, we understand the needs of learners from diverse backgrounds. We know how to support individuals in an engaging learning environment and best tailor education to different styles of learning.   In the Diploma of Counselling, we have a mixture of students. Some have a calling for counselling, possibly acting in an informal capacity already; their friends, family or colleagues telling them they should be a counsellor. However, we also have students who are working in community centres and schools, the health sector, or something completely different, who want to upskill or would like to change careers. 

Have you ever thought of counselling as a career? 

Become a counsellor, gain deep insight into why we think and behave as we do. 

The number of counsellors is expected to grow very strongly over the next 5 years. Learn a range of therapy techniques to establish and maintain positive counselling relationships and establish a personally enriching career as a counsellor.   Work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities.   Learn the skills necessary to work within a case management framework. Develop effective communication abilities and understanding of how to refer clients to other services when necessary.   Training is delivered mostly via self-paced, online activities and assessments. Students will develop their own integrative approach to counselling through face-to-face simulations and assessment with practice leaders within the Relationships Australia federation.  Ask us today about counselling as a career!

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