Happy Chappy One Plus One

Positioned as a one to one support service offered by PEACE Multicultural Services, Happy Chappy One Plus One encourages gay and same sex attracted men from culturally diverse backgrounds (like international students and migrants) to explore their challenges through a relaxing coffee or bubble tea chat with support worker Ben.
Coming from China where being gay is not yet socially acceptable, Ben has a deep understanding on how hard it can be. Through one on one chats, Ben helps clients make sense of their situation and finds ways to navigate through complex challenges.

If you are facing a particular challenge whether it be feeling lonely, struggling with studies or you just want to gather information on sexual health and free services, please contact Ben to make a time for a private chat either in a café or at Uni. Conversations are strictly confidential.

For more information or to contact Happy Chappy One Plus One please see the flyer: Happy Chappy One+One