Give a child the gift of….

Time for Kids end of financial year campaign

Every year, Time for Kids run an annual giving campaign in the lead-up to tax time. This is a critical component of their fundraising, and your contribution is vital to ensuring the support of some of South Australia’s most in-need children.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for my volunteer family. Like at 13, you know, when you go through that whole teenage stage, I used to always feel that whenever I went there I could just be myself. I could find myself again.” – Janie

This year the annual giving campaign uses psychologist Abraham Maslow five levels of human need which, when met, ensure the best possible chance for success – in Time for Kids’ words, ‘every chance for a bright future’.

Topping this hierarchy is self-actualisation, where creative thinking, problem solving and acceptance happen – skills, which support educational attainment and job prospects. Opportunities for our kids to develop these skills are often lacking, and our volunteer carers and mentors provide the support they need to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

When opportunities are limited and life feels out of control all the time, it can be very dis-empowering and there can be serious negative effects on a child’s self-esteem and sense of worth in the world. Our volunteer carers provide our children with the encouragement and confidence they need to build resilience and learn valuable life skills.

“They were just there, being themselves, doing what they always did. It was the simple things. Like being asked what I wanted for dinner; being offered the most comfortable chair in the house; having my friends to my own birthday party; even the experience of talking about experiences. I would never have been given these choices at home.” – Matthew

As you prepare for tax-time, please consider making a donation to Time for Kids. Without your continued support, it is our children who are at risk of missing out.

On average, it costs $5,000 to support one child’s placement for one year, whether your contribution is large or small, it all adds up and supports Time for Kids to give every chance for a bright future with you.

Give a child the gift of…

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What else do I need to know?

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. Donations made via any of our online platforms will issue your receipt instantly. If you make your donation straight through us by way of bank deposit, cheque, credit card or cash, we will generate your receipt in house and forward it to your nominated address or email.

All donations directly support disadvantaged children in South Australia to overcome economic and social disadvantage.