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Education Programs


The FYI Hub offers a range of learning options for students by utilising a variety of delivery modes:

  • Individual sessions
  • Small group structured lessons
  • Informal drop in – independent learning
  • Online learning from home

We offer a variety of courses and levels of achievement:

Numeracy and literacy foundation programs

The student, their enrolling school, a family member, if applicable, and our staff use a collaborative approach to develop a suitable learning pathway. In 2016 DECD will make available the bksb online easy to use numeracy and literacy assessments and resource package.  All students enrolled in FYI will have access to this program.

FYI senior students will be supported to complete the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) in partnership with enrolling school

  • Numeracy and literacy
  • Personal learning Plans
  • Research Project

As part of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) students are expected to complete a Personal Learning Plan that includes exploration of career pathways and work experience. Our staff work with students in their area of interest and collaborate with the students’ school for final assessment and sign off for SACE accreditation.

Australian Institute of Social Relations (AISR)

The Australian Institute of Social Relations is Relationships Australia SA’s registered training organisation (RTO). Students can enrol in the following courses through the AISR:

  • Community Services Certificate II (Food preparation focus)
  • Community Services Certificate II (Outdoor recreation focus)
  • Community Services Certificate III
  • Community Services Certificate IV

Certified courses can be transferred to SACE points (often up to 65 per certificate). Click on each course for more information from our training site.

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