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Case Management

PB_Case Management

Our case management model is true outreach. We are known for our ‘never give-up’ mentality when it comes to engaging with young people. If a student cannot come to us, we will go to them. If a young person is finding it difficult to engage, we will review and adapt our plan.

Our case managers work closely with each young person, exploring and helping them build on their strengths, skills, goals and dreams.

We work with students and other young people who are:

  • enrolled in school but at risk of leaving early
  • attending school but not actively participating in their education
  • leaving school early and are not pursuing employment or further education
  • wanting to connect to learning but are not sure how. See FYI programs here. 
  • See pricing for more details.
  • Case Management can be combined with FYI day programs for a discounted rate, or can be accessed separately.

Download the Case Management brochure here.

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