Forced Adoption Apology Anniversary

The 18th of July marks the 7th anniversary of the State Government’s apology to people affected by forced adoption practices.

Between the 1950s and 1980s, many unmarried mothers were coerced, pressured or forced into giving up their babies for adoption, due to the stigma associated with unmarried pregnancy and motherhood.
The state and national apologies have been important in bringing to light the complexities of adoption, and the impact that past practices had, and continue to have, on many individuals and families.

The Space Between memorial recognises the ongoing effects of past adoption practices, and is a powerful piece of public artwork.
Relationships Australia South Australia and community members commissioned artists Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones to create the work in 2016. It lives in the Grundy Gardens, on the River Torrens (Karrawirra Pari), and we highly recommend a visit.

If you’re an adoptee who needs support please call our Post Adoption Support Service on 8245 8100 or the National Forced Adoption Support Service on 1800 21 03 13.