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For Professionals

“Thank you for the training and amazing resources. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it and have a new passion and inspiration with working with children and young people.”

Emily, Domestic Violence Case Manager, Northern Domestic Violence Service

How can Together 4 Kids help?

Together 4 Kids can develop a therapeutic support program especially for your client and their child(ren). This may include home visits, group programs or school visits.

The following video shares the story of a mother of a child who was referred to Together 4 Kids. The mother describes how both she and her child have benefited from the T4K service. A Together 4 kids therapist visited them at home and worked with both the mother and her 3 year old son over a period of 7 months.

For more information about how T4K can help your clients, call us on 08 8245 8100 or submit an enquiry using the form below. See ‘Making a Referral’ (below) to find out how you can refer your clients to this service.

Making a Referral

To make a referral into this service, please use the referral form below (available in word and PDF formats):

Service Resources

Professional Development and Training

T4K Training

All professional development training listed below is FREE to NAHA Sector Workers. Programs and short courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your program/service and can be delivered in-house. To discuss your training needs contact Together 4 Kids on 8245 8190.

Child Focused Assessment and Case Management

Designed specifically for the homelessness sector, this training reflects on and develops skills in relation to engaging with children. Discussion includes deciding what to screen, how to assess and case manage children and how to carry out these process in an age-appropriate manner.

Child Safe Environments Training

If you have not attended this training or have not completed this training since 2005 it is a legal requirement when working with children that you attend a one day workshop.
If your service would like Child Safe Environments Training customised to your needs, please contact us.

Connecting with Nunga Kids: Strengthening Relationships

This professional development program has been developed by T4K Aboriginal workers and informed by experiences of Aboriginal clients. The workshop provides information and resources to assist participants develop their cultural competency in regards to working with Nunga families, and especially when working and supporting Nunga kids.

Responding to Sexualised Behaviours

This program has been developed by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) consultant to Together4Kids , Sandra Davis, and draws on Relationships Australia (SA) expertise. This program will help identify children’s sexualised behaviours as normal, problematic or abusive and to understand and respond to both the children and parents in the immediate situation. How to develop consistent ongoing responses within your service, plus a range of resources and referral options for children will be provided. This one day workshop can be customised to individual services or to regional areas as requested.

Tailored Training

Together 4 Kids if funded to tailor training to the needs of your organisation and/or staff. Please contact us to discuss options for your team.

Other Training

National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) Training

Download the NAHA Training Calendar (2014) for training information and dates. 

Working Better with Nunga Families – Video Resources

Therapeutic Group Programs

T4K Group Programs

The Garden

Designed for 0 to 4 year olds and their parent(s), this program uses symbols from the garden to assist in understanding and relating to each other. Bugs in the Garden aims to strengthen the relationship between parent and child in a safe and nurturing environment.

T4K The Garden Therapeutic Group - Facilitators Manual_CoverFacilitators Manual
The Garden Therapeutic Group: An attachment and attunement group program for infants 0 – 4 and their parents(s)

Download PDF

Cost: $35 inc. GST


Caterpillars to Butterflies Group

Aimed at girls aged 5 to7 years; the program is designed to explore concepts of emotional literacy, personal safety and dealing with change. Using the natural processes of caterpillars morphing to butterflies, participants are given the space to explore their feelings and responses to the world around them. Please note T4K can adapt this program to work with different age groups as required.

Booklet-Images_Caterpillars-ButterfliesFacilitators Manual
Caterpillars to Butterflies Therapeutic Group: A play based program for girls aged 5 to 9 years

Download PDF

Cost: $35 inc. GST


Pirates Group

Designed for boys and running over several weeks, the group explores emotional literacy, concepts of safety and dealing with change. Children attend without parents however fun and engaging activities supporting attachment between parent and child are built in to the program. The program is delivered in structured age groups from 5-7, 8-10 and 10-12.

Facilitators Manual
Pirates Therapeutic Group: A play based program for boys aged 5 to 9 years

Download PDF

Cost: $35 inc. GST


Cha Cha Sam

The 6 songs on the Together 4 Kids Cha Cha Sam “Grows a Little” CD address some of the issues children have been facing while living in an environment in which there is violence and or intimidation.

Five of these songs were originally written as a resource for responding to children who have experienced family and domestic violence in 2005. We believe these songs deserve a re-release as the messages are as powerful to day as they were for children a decade ago.

The song writer has used the combination of catchy tunes and subtle lyrics to engage children and their parents, carers (or front line workers) at their own levels of understanding and experience.

Within the Together 4 Kids program, there are children in situations that are complex and in need of some gentle insight to assist them to move away from negative or harmful feelings and responses. These songs and the accompanying exercises are another tool that front line workers, children’s workers, therapeutic workers and parents can use in their work in supporting children. We encourage workers to give parents a copy of the CD and to play these songs to their children outside of their time spent with professional services.

The songs have written for this specific purpose: to give a gentle access point for young children. By engaging with the songs it is possible for children to share their points of view, gain new insights into respectful behaviours and have ongoing reminders of how to sustain self care practices.

The style of the songs enables them to be easily played in rooms shared by both children and adults as comfort, fun and as a shared point of reference.

The workbook is available to down load as a pdf below and the CD can be posted to workers who would like to use the songs in their work by phoning us on 08 8245 8190. CDs can be distributed to parents too. If you would like Together 4 Kids to co-run a group with your clients using these songs please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Cha Cha Sam: Songs to Nurture Optimism

Download PDF

Other Group Programs

Fun with Puppets

We currently have two puppet themed groups available to run with groups of children. Theses groups can be mixed gender and there are two age categories (for younger 5-8 and one for older children 9 – 12 ). Puppets are fun to work with and allow children to use their imaginations and externalise feelings and thoughts.

Drumming and Music Groups

Drawing on our experiences of music as therapy and the theories that underpin the Drum Beat Programs (copyright), we have developed two different programs that use drumming activities that have therapeutic outcomes. Group content is developed according to the needs of the participants. T4K, in consultation with case workers and parents, can develop a specific music program to suit individual children.

Lego Group

With a focus on boys, the Lego Group aims to create a safe and creative space to explore concepts of home using building and construction through Lego.

Tailored Programs

If you have at least 4 children in a similar age bracket who you feel need therapeutic intervention, please contact T4K and we will be able to deliver a program to children in your service, subject to staff availability. Fundamental to our role to increase sector skills in working with children, we will also seek to mentor and support your service to deliver a specialised program or co-facilitate with us.


The Australian Childhood Foundation

Education and training programs that focus on the neurobiology of trauma, attachment and related practice issues

Kids Central Resource

Website currently undergoing development

SNAICC – Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Islander Childcare 

Australia’s national peak body for Aboriginal and Islander children’s services

Addressing Family Violence Programs (AFVP)

In 2011 the AFVP ceased to operate, however the RCH Integrated Mental Health Program is keen to ensure that the invaluable resources, articles and publications resulting from this innovative work remain available for professionals to access.

Australian Centre for Child Protection

Founded by UniSA and the Australian Government in 2005, the Australian Centre for Child Protection is internationally renowned for advancing child protection policy and practice.

Ikon Institute SA

IKON Institute SA offers a different way of learning and an opportunity for students and graduates to create a real difference in their lives and others’.  We’re a humanistic organisation that strives to stay human.

Together 4 Kids Enquiry

Use this form to enquire about Together 4 Kids services and programs.
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