For Parents and Families

The Together4Kids team are highly trained in helping kids deal with tough situations, and we’ve got plenty of options for kids of different ages. Give us a call on 8245 8190 to talk about your child or children – we will phone you back if you need.

Download our brochure for more information: Information for Parents (Brochure)

How can Together4Kids help?

Together4Kids can develop a therapeutic support program especially for you and your child’s situation. This may include home visits, a group program for your child or visits at your child’s school. Please contact us directly or talk to your homelessness case manager for more information or a referral.

The following video shares the story of a mother and her son’s experiences working with Together4Kids over a period of 3 months. In this story, T4K was able to visit the child at home.

Helpful Resources

Together4Kids has a range of helpful resources for you and your little one/s.

Colouring books to help children slow down and relax

Colour me calm brings together the fun and benefit of colouring in with some useful exercises to help children calm and slow down. The activities can help support a child if they are feeling anxious or stressed, to breathe and to relax and feel safer. Ideally, for families of young children, this booklet has been designed for parents and children to participate and play together.


Pilyurni Colouring Book brings together the fun and benefit of colouring in with some really useful exercises to help children slow down and relax. Acknowledging that many specialist FDV and homelessness services are located on Kaurna land, this booklet was designed especially for Aboriginal families. Using Kaurna words and phrases, this booklet supports pride in Aboriginal culture.
If your service is located on the traditional lands of another Aboriginal group, Together4Kids would like to partner with you to translate this resource to honour the language and culture of the traditional custodians of the land. Please contact T4K if you would like to develop this resource.

Resources on Family and Domestic Violence

Through Your Child’s Eyes

This booklet is for mothers of children where family and domestic violence has been part of their lives. The information and practical tips provided can help mothers to respond in ways that support a loving relationship, safety and understanding for their child. View online here.

Great tip sheets and information booklets

Unbelievably Simple Tips for Being a Great Parent is a helpful info-graphic document to provide to parents with tips for meaningful interactions with their child.
Download (English)
Download (Swahili)
Download (Vietnamese)
Download (Dinka)

First 1000 Days are important to an infant’s mental health. The first 1000 days of life – between conception and a child’s 2nd birthday – is a unique window of opportunity to shape their social and emotional development and long-term mental health and wellbeing. This includes their experience, expression, and management of emotions, as well as their ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others.

The Kangaroo Feeding Track is a story to support a parents’ understanding of their children’s behaviour, as they move on from trauma. The kangaroo is a metaphor for brain plasticity and the effects of trauma. This story may also provide some insight into parents’ own reactions and responses. Download

Grows a Little is a resource of catchy songs to play to children while they are accessing emergency or transitional services or to play in their own homes. The simple exercises that go with the songs in this workbook, do not require specialist training or specific therapeutic skills.

Listen and download

Resources on separation

Family Law information for parents

Specialist parenting advice


Bright Tomorrows Start Today App
Babies learn through spending time with their parents and other special people in their life. Learn more about emotions, thoughts and responses that happen in a child’s brain when a baby experiences meaningful moments. Build strong brains as a strong foundation for their life.

Helping Kids Read

Indigenous Kids Read

is an awesome website where you can hear families tell stories about reading to kids, find good books and best of all, get ideas about how to help your kids read

Adelaide City Library – Family Story Time

Community libraries are very kid friendly these days. They often have events for kids. To find your local library, go to the website of the council area you live in. Sometimes there is more than one library in your area. For example, visit the Adelaide City Library Website

Learn the Alphabet Video

Watch this video – teach your kids the ABC

Early Reading Guide

Parents guide to helping teach your kids to read

Doing Fun Things Together – Things To Do

Fun activities to do with children

Little Big Book Club Events

The Little Big Book Club hold events for families

Family Friendly Network

A website for family fun activities around Adelaide and SA

Helping Kids Relax and Sleep


The following resources can help you with your baby:


The following resources are useful for dealing with children’s sleep and relaxation needs:

Aboriginal Parents and Families

Video Resources

Denise’s Story

You may not know what to expect when you and your children are supported by a Domestic and Family Violence or a Homelessness service. This film shows a culturally appropriate intake and assessment of a young Aboriginal mother and her son, which will give you an idea of what you can expect when you come to access a service.

Kamamirna Kakirra (Nanna’s Moon)

Kamamirna Kakirra is a 20 minute film which highlights the healing power of culture. You might like to watch this with your children to strengthen their identify and connection to culture and country.

All Services

Full list of support services offered by Relationships Australia SA

Adult Health & Wellbeing

Supporting individuals with their personal, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

Children & Young People

Supporting children and young people to have safe, healthy and happy lives.


Assisting communities to develop skills and confidence and to work together.

Couples & Families

Supporting you, your partner, or your family to change, repair or strengthen your relationships.

Disability Royal Commission Counselling Services

Free and independent counselling support for people engaging with or affected by the Disability Royal Commission. 

Family & Domestic Violence

Are you affected by family and domestic violence?

Post Separation

Helping separating parents to reduce conflict, reach parenting agreements, and to focus on their children.

RASA Telehealth

Access many RASA services are available via our telehealth platform (Coviu). It works on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Building the capacity of schools to respond to children’s needs throughout their school years.


Delivering nationally recognised qualifications and workforce development training for the human services.