Family Safety Programs and Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia offers a range of evidence-based Family Safety Programs for men, women and children who have experienced violence in their families. The first priority for the families we see is ensuring that everyone is safe or has a safety plan to enact when needed.

Relationships Australia Family Safety Programs encourage non-violent, respectful and caring relationships. The support includes: individual, couple and family counselling specialised programs for aggressors who want to change their behaviour; support groups for women who have experienced violence in their relationships; assistance for children who have experienced violence at home.

The programs for men are designed for those who are ready to take responsibility for their use of violent, controlling or abusive behaviours. A Family Safety program will provide education and information on the effects of domestic violence, the use of power and control in relationships, developing alternative behaviours and healthy relationships. Different programs are available in each state of Australia.

The responsibility for choices and behavioural change remains solely with the adult participants.

Family violence has long term implications for everyone involved, especially children. Children who grow up in violent families are more likely to perform poorly at school, have low self-esteem and mental health issues as adults.