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I was made redundant last year (aged 50) and have just started to receive the Newstart allowance. Read on…


The employment agency is very clear about what is expected of me. But what are their obligations? This was only vaguely explained to me. Can I change employment agencies if I am not happy? What amount of money, if any, do these agencies receive from the Federal Government for me? I would like to ask the employment agency this question and don't want to be treated as a fool.


The Australian Government contracts Jobactive providers to help people find and stay in work, while better meeting the needs of employers.

All Jobactive providers are required to have mandatory certification through the Department of Employment’s Quality Assurance Framework. They are also bound by the Service Guarantee for job seekers - a document that sets out the minimum level of services each job seeker can expect to receive as well as the requirements he or she needs to meet while looking for employment. 

Jobactive providers are required to develop and deliver flexible servicing arrangements to all job seekers and the assistance provided is specialised to the individual job seeker. You can access the Service Delivery Plan for your Jobactive provider by searching the Jobactive website at (select the provider and then look under the services tab to learn more about what that provider can offer).

Job seekers may transfer to other providers in their areas that they believe may be better placed to assist them in finding suitable employment. To discuss whether a transfer could be arranged, please contact the Department of Employment’s National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

The performance of Jobactive providers is assessed using star ratings, which are weighted to providers who achieve sustained employment for the most disadvantaged job seekers.

There are strong incentives for Jobactive providers to deliver high-quality services and achieve sustainable employment outcomes for job seekers. The fee structure for Jobactive providers pays the most when job seekers stay in work the longest. Jobactive providers are paid outcome payments after the job seeker has been in employment for four, 12 and 26 weeks, subject to the requirements under the Jobactive deed. Administrative fees are also paid to assist in the delivery of services to job seekers. 

As someone over the age of 50, you should also be aware that there are additional incentives for employers to hire older Australians through the Government’s Restart program. Under Restart, employers who hire a mature-age job seeker aged 50 or over are eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 over 12 months.

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