Elder Abuse

Prevent elder abuse – find out about the campaign.


I am puzzled by the media campaign against elder abuse. The advertisements are rather vague. Why is the State Government suddenly drawing attention to this issue? How is it different to other forms of abuse?


Sadly, around one in 20 older Australians experience some form of financial, emotional, physical or sexual abuse from a person they know and trust. Older people are often more vulnerable to abuse too, with increasing frailty and decline in their physical or mental condition. To make matters worse, elder abuse often goes undetected as it happens in relationships where it is least expected to occur.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of elder abuse and educate the community about the rights of older people and how they can be protected. The different campaign advertisements are designed to highlight the types of abuse older people can be subjected to, as well as the signs to look for. They also give the community an avenue for further information and support through a dedicated phone line and website.

For more information, call the Elder Abuse Prevention Phone Line on 1800 372 310 or visit the website at www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/stopelderabuse

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