COVID-19 Restrictions – changing our relationships and the way we parent 

Adapting to the enormous changes caused by COVID-19 restrictions has been difficult for many of usHowever, this is completely normal, read on … 

Are you finding yourself feeling more stressed?  Are you finding the kids harder to manage? Are your buttons being pushed? Is your partner feeling like you are getting angrier more often 

Stress is a normal part of everyday life and relationships can be hard to manage at the best of times. This is especially true during COVID-19.  

As individuals, parents or partners we may be finding things more challenging as we reorganise our lives and adjust to new ways of doing things. It is unsurprising that this would be taking a toll on ourselves and the people around us.  

Since the COVID-19 restrictions, you may:  

  • have lost your job,  
  • started working from home with children around,  
  • be spending more time with your partner in a small space,
  • not be seeing your family because you are health worker,
  • be finding the lack of social interaction difficult.  

You are not alone; many people are adjusting to this new way of being.  

Relationships Australia South Australia is committed to supporting you through this change. We can work with you to strengthen your personal wellbeing, build robust parenting, have healthy and safe relationships, and most of all stay connected with communities.  

All our services are available via telephone or online, and in some circumstances, we will arrange a face-to-face consultation. All services are free until 30 June 2020.  

Remember: we are in this together, even when apart. Stay safe.  

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