Coping with COVID-19

COVID-19 is making life complex and uncertain for everyone. How we work or even finding ourselves without a job, how we care for our loved ones and ourselves are all disrupted.

It has left most of us scrambling to reorganise and adjust to new ways of doing things, and we may find existing problems are more intense.

We encourage you to seek relationship help early, even if it is just a check-in about what is going on for you. Relationships Australia South Australia is here to support you through this period of change. We can assist you to strengthen personal wellbeing, build robust parenting; have healthy and safe relationships, and stay connected with communities during these stressful times.

For more information on our services during this time, click here.

We have also developed some resources that cover ways to sustain our community, families and ourselves in this time of change. Click a topic below to find out more.




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