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Community Wellbeing and Innovation #RASAStaffDay 2017

According to some, #RASAStaffDay 2017 was our best yet. From thinking about the use of technology in our work, to Shakespeare, to pollinating promotional ideas, to inspiring young people through social enterprise, #RASAStaffDay certainly proved to be informative, engaging and heartfelt.

Starting with a Kaurna Welcome from Uncle Lewis Yerloburka O’Brien followed by a glowing customer feedback report from Jamie Lee. We heard that our services and programs are highly valued across the agency and at all levels, with 95% of our customers satisfied.

Claire Ralfs, our new CEO, then praised our efforts and provided good reasons as to why we must embrace technology and keep thinking about how and where technology fits within the delivery of community services.

Sarah Decrea, Senior Educator from our Ngartuitya program started the Community Wellbeing and Innovation Plenary. Sharing her wisdom, Sarah reminded us that when it came to raising and protecting children, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People “had it right” from the start.

Next, Enaam Oudih, Practice Manager of PEACE Multicultural Services told us that “when you are working with diversity, everything is a negotiation”.

Continuing with the theme, Jo Zeitz, Manager of Future Youth Initiative showed us how FYI’s social enterprise model provides young people with opportunities for learning and success.

Cassandra Eddington and Kristen Hamill of the Communication and Development Team pollinated inspiration about how RASA services can spread the word about the work that they do and Deanna Rohrsheim encouraged all to “get social”.

Our Twitter feed suggested that the Paws for Effect workshop stole the show! Mel Jones, Together4Kids Animal Assisted Therapist and her therapy dogs, Reuben and Chloe, offered cuddles and cuteness while demonstrating how therapy dogs can support children through difficult times.

Innovation continued with the screening of a video produced with drone technology in Ernabella, a remote community in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. John Amadio, Senior Educator was the conduit for this video, which was produced in the community for school children and their parents.

If that was not enough, Hunter Johnson, CEO of The Man Cave brought his heartfelt lived experience to our final session for the day. Hunter’s story of how his experience of depression lead to an exploration of identity resonated with the audience.

In a quest to challenge and redefine what it meant to be a man, Hunter’s passion for social enterprise spurred him to found The Man Cave – a series of social and emotional wellness programs aimed at long-term behaviour change for boys and young men aged 13 – 18.

Hunter’s honesty and commitment to making the world a better place brought #RASAStaffDay 2017 to a place of acknowledgement and understanding that we all have a role to play in building a brighter future for our children and young people.

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