Code of Silence

A reader who was exploited by an organisation wonders what she can do about it. 


I am writing because I was exploited by a religious organisation who use fear and superstition to manipulate people. I fell into depression and a poverty cycle, along with other people who were similarly affected.

We reported this organisation, but there seems to be a code of silence about a supposedly respectable organisation. And yet all it is doing is like acceptable organised crime that is having a devastating effect on families.


Exploitation, whether financial, political, or psychological is never justified.

Even taking advantage of a person’s good will in a minor way is exploiting them. It can be common in places of employment and in relationships.

Some religious sects have rigid rules, which can involve the demand for large amounts of money. If criminality was involved you should report it to the police. If you are still in the organisation, and unhappy speak to those in authority. There may be a complaints handling procedure you can follow.

There is sometimes no remedy for being taken advantage of. Try to recognise exploitation and refuse to become involved.

Unfortunately there are some things we need to experience in order to learn about them and know how to be wiser and more careful in the future.

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