Clear as Mud

Nearly half of all parent relationships in Australia end in separation. Children don’t always know how they feel about the separation and many will experience a mixture of conflicting emotions.

Clear as Mud helps children and young people make sense of parent separation. 

The Clear as Mud one hour education workshop presents the story of Sam, a young boy who is struggling with his feelings as his parents go through separation. Following the presentation, the children are encouraged to discuss Sam’s story, learn about techniques to reduce stress and, if comfortable, talk about their own feelings.

Using Sam’s story, children are able to explore some common experiences of separation from a child’s perspective.

Although parent separation has a significant impact on all involved, it can be a very difficult topic to discuss within the family. Children may be left with a sense of confusion about the separation and apprehension about their family’s future. Clear as Mud provides children with and opportunity to discuss this topic in a safe space outside the family and learn about strategies to understand and deal with their parents’ separation.

Clear as Mud is beneficial for all children, whether they are experiencing separation or not, as it also provides friends of children who are experiencing parental separation with an insight into how they might be feeling.

Clear as Mud is suitable for children aged 8-16 years, and can be facilitated at our Marion office or at your school, community group or organisation.

For more information, download the Clear as Mud flyer.

To register your interest in the Clear as Mud workshop, please fill out the form below or contact our Marion office on 08 8377 5400.