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Family Forum is a panel of general practitioners, medical specialists, lawyers, therapeutic and financial counsellors that discuss each letter before the appropriate professional prepares the final answer.

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Testing Time

A reader asks: “I have antinuclear antibody positive test results, with a titre reading in the two thousands. I’m confused about what this is an indicator of; can you advise me please?” Continue Reading

Don’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie on Backs


My question is about my dog Hermes and sleep apnoea for dogs. Yes, don’t laugh, it is a serious question. Neutered and now 10-plus years old, Hermes is a Bichon-Maltese cross. Fully vaccinated, healthy and much loved. He lives indoors most of the day.
Continue Reading

Pressure Test


Low blood pressure is never mentioned in health advice columns. What symptoms does this produce and how dangerous can it be? Continue Reading