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Family Forum

About Family Forum

Family Forum is an initiative of the Advertiser, which aims to answer your questions about families, relationships, health and finances.

Relationships Australia South Australia supports Family Forum as a community resource and appoints members to the group with expertise in various professional disciplines. However, the advice provided by the Family Forum panel does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Relationships Australia South Australia, its management or employees.

Family Forum is a panel of general practitioners, medical specialists, lawyers, therapeutic and financial counsellors that discuss each letter before the appropriate professional prepares the final answer.

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We treat communications in strict confidence except when the law demands otherwise, as in child abuse.

DIY drama

Family Forum often receives requests for information about DIY wills and the risks involved. Here is a cautionary tale from a Family Forum lawyer. Continue Reading

Leaving a home to children

A reader asks: “We are thinking of changing our title to include our children. If we were to do this, in the event that my husband or myself died, and the other were to remarry and live in our home, what percentage of the value of the house could possibly be given to the new party in the event the marriage did not work, or the remaining partner died, and the home was sold?” Continue Reading

Screen Time

A reader wonders: “My grandma had a mastectomy for breast cancer many years ago. Could the Family Forum doctor please clarify why older women are not required to have mammograms or Pap smears?” Continue Reading