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Ending HIV

You’re invited to mobilise in support of the most significant advance against HIV since the introduction of HIV treatments nearly 20 years ago. It’s about ending HIV: 2020 marks the end of the decade and it can also mark the end for new cases of HIV in Australia.

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ActNow Theatre’s Zero Feet Away at the Feast Festival

Where did you meet your first love? How would you describe yourself to a stranger? Where’s the best place to be kissed? What do you never talk about in public? How do you find intimacy in a virtual world?

Following the rise of dating applications such as Tinder and Grindr, Zero Feet Away explores how to find intimacy in virtual spaces, and what actually happens in our heads, our hearts and our bedrooms. Created by a team of professional and community young gay artists, this is innovative, provocative, inspiring and honest theatre not to be missed. Continue Reading

Rapid HIV Testing: If you want it, let us know!

Rapid HIV testing, which can provide results in as little as 30 minutes, is currently offered in some states in Australia (e.g. Queensland, Victoria, ACT and New South Wales).

Rapid testing is now being considered for use in SA; however, before such testing becomes available, the government and the HIV Interagency Taskforce (HIT), led by Gay Men’s Health SA (a service of Relationships Australia South Australia), want to gauge the opinion of gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM) on this important topic.
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