Being a Dad in Times of Adversity

We celebrate and support all kinds of dads. This includes the granddads, dad figures, stepdads, male mentors and caregivers in our lives. 

We’re here to support all dads through their parenting journey. 

 This Father’s Day, we wanted to shed a light on being a dad in times of adversity. Sometimes being a dad is challenging – and that’s okay.  

 Maybe you’re dealing with unresolved issues from your childhood and feeling triggered. Maybe you’re struggling to juggle work life and home life. Or perhaps you feel unequipped to change dirty nappies and toilet training. Whatever your situation is, it’s important to know that you are not alone; this is completely normal.  

 The best way to overcome hardships as a dad is to be open. Talk to others and talk to your kids, so you can grow together. 

 Remember these tips going forward: 

  • Look after yourself. Express how you feel to friends and family, and seek professional guidance if needed. It’s okay to feel vulnerable, sad or hurt. 
  • Adjust your expectations. You don’t need to be a perfect father. There is no such thing as perfect! Go easy on yourself. 
  • Celebrate your wins. We tend to celebrate the big milestones, but it’s important to celebrate your little wins as a father too.  

 “The way we view ourselves as parents… we judge ourselves a lot, but our kids see us as invincible. We’re our kid’s heroes, even though we have faults, and we feel angry or hopeless or insignificant sometimes.” 

 Brad Sargent, Regional Manager South 

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed or weighed down by the pressures of being a dad, we’ve developed a booklet that aims to help you. 

 Click here to read it. 

 “There’s no perfect parenting. That’s true. You may beat yourself up and say you could do better, but in life there are always things you can do better. Everyone is doing their best. As long as no harm is happening, parents are doing their best.” 

 Martin Manariyo, Family and Relationship Counsellor 


Other great resources: 

Support for Fathers provides free information, advice and resources specifically for dads, and a toolkit for professionals who work with fathers and families. 

How to be a good dad by Relationships Australia QLD outlines some handy tips for parents and father figures.