‘Adopted’ Book Launch

RASA’s Forced Adoption Support Service (FASS) was pleased to host the launch of the book Adopted on Friday 14 July. Ms Nat Cook MP launched the event on behalf of the Hon. Susan Close MP, Minister for Education and Child Development.

Adopted was published by IdentityRites, an adoptee advocacy and peer support group in South Australia. The authors are Diana Dunning, Sofie Gregory, Rebecca Johnston and Melinda Rackham. Over the last few years, we are hearing more from adoptees than ever before, and through their voices, we are learning about how adoption has influenced and shaped their lives. All adoption involves loss, and for adoptees, their lives start with the loss of their mother. For a long time, it was believed that this did not affect babies, and that they could be placed into a new family without any ongoing effects. However, there is now greater understanding about how infants experience significant loss and the impacts this can have on their lives.

Adopted gives a rich and powerful insight into the impact and effect that adoption can have on adoptees. Throughout these pages, we can hear and learn from those who live with adoption for their entire lives, and from this, gain greater understanding about the adoptee experience.

Our Forced Adoption Support Services is available for mothers and fathers who have lost a child/children to adoption, adult adoptees, and extended family members. For more information please visit our website or call us on 1800 21 03 13. 

Photos from the Adopted Launch