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Vision and Values

Our vision is…

‘A just and equitable society in which diversity is valued, relationships are respectful, where people have a sense of connection and belonging and an opportunity to learn and develop.’

Our values are…


  • We believe that human diversity contributes to a rich and vibrant society
  • We recognise the importance of culture in the lives of individuals and value cultural diversity
  • We believe in each person’s expression of their spirituality and the importance of all religions
  • We respect the diversity of relationships between individuals, families and communities


  • We believe in the unique and innate worth of all individuals
  • We value the right of all people to live in safety and be treated with respect
  • We support an equitable, just and non-discriminatory society
  • We believe in the importance of living in harmony with our environment


  • We recognise the importance of a sense of connection and belonging in people’s lives
  • We value the importance of caring & loving relationships for couples, families, kin & friends
  • We believe in the importance of positive and supportive relationships with the local community, between communities and in workplaces


  • We believe that people should have the opportunity to learn and change throughout their lives
  • We value people’s right to make choices and learn from their experiences
  • We believe in the importance of working and living together and learning from each other.
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