Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026

Our belief in the transformative power of human relationships lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

A just and equitable society in which relationships are respectful, diversity is valued and people have a sense of belonging and an opportunity to learn.

Our Purpose

We will help people:

  • Build robust relationships that nurture trust, strengthen resilience and generate optimism for the future.
  • Recover from adverse experiences and trauma.
  • Create cultural respect, social cohesion and inclusive communities.

What We’ll Achieve

  • Goal 1 – Improve individual, family and community wellbeing
  • Goal 2 – Educate to transform social relationships
  • Goal 3 – Enable a thriving workplace and culture
  • Goal 4 – Strengthen organisational capacity
  • Goal 5 – Contribute to a better world

Our Theory of Change

RASA services are based in an understanding of the social determinants of health and operate within a public health framework.

Our services are designed to reduce risks to individual and family safety and strengthen protective
factors, promoting improved wellbeing and social cohesion. Our public health approach to relationship wellbeing means all our programs seek to intervene at the earliest stage possible through the creation of tailored responses that are holistic, coordinated and sustainable.

Our service strategies and decision-making are informed by ongoing consideration and application of a public health paradigm that harnesses three dynamic and interconnected ‘wheels’ to drive change.

These are:

  • Community wisdom
  • Expertise and evidence
  • Infrastructure and systems

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Yara – Cultural Reciprocity and Responsibilities

Relationships Australia acknowledges the cultural, spiritual and economic sovereignty of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and we understand that the ongoing violation of this sovereignty continues to harm Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s relationships, health, wellbeing and aspirations.

Relationships Australia is committed to strengthening the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities.

We also recognise that respecting and nurturing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities benefits all Australians.

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