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2014 Annual Report

Relationships Australia (SA) has released its 2014 annual report, which includes a range of inspiring and uplifting stories from the 2013-2014 financial year.

2013-2014 was a challenging yet rewarding year for Relationships Australia (SA), as we continued to deliver high quality services despite the governmental, economic, societal and personal challenges impacting on our work and the communities and individuals we work with.

President of the Board, Franco Camatta said, “We are cognisant that we are living with substantial challenges as governments face the difficulty of insufficient funds to meet the full range of needs, as communities face the stress of business closures and changes to local economies, and as individuals strive to balance the increasingly complex issues in their personal lives and families. We know that our services matter and that they do make a difference.”

Now offering more than 20 health and wellbeing services, as well as nationally recognised training through the Australian Institute of Social Relations, it was a busy year for the organisation. The 2013-2014 annual report aims to highlight some of our key achievements, through the lens of our 4 core values of diversity, respect, belonging and learning.

“Our values and pictogram were developed over 12 years ago and represent the essence of what we stand for,” said Judith Cross, CEO at Relationships Australia (SA). “These interconnected values underpin our work and provide a framework to ensure that we remain on track in improving the lives of the people and communities we work with.”

Throughout the report you will find a range of stories that demonstrate the core role our values have in shaping our work. From assisting people in the APY lands to access the Royal Commission, to providing a safe environment for children from separated families to maintain a relationship with both parents, our work spans far and wide across the state and across various aspects of social and personal relationships.

“Relationships Australia (SA) touches the lives of many different people and communities and we thank all the people involved helping us to provide these much needed services,” Judith said.

Judith also praised the staff and partnering organisations involved in delivering services over the past year for contributing to the organisation’s success.

“When working with others we can, in partnership, make a difference,” Judith said.

“We have an amazing team of skilled and dedicated people and we thank each and every person for their contribution to the success of Relationships Australia (SA).”

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