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Together 4 Kids

Together 4 Kids provides therapeutic programs aimed at helping children process the uncertainty and distress of homelessness.

Facilitators-Manuals_Oct2014Therapeutic Group Program Manuals – Free to download

Together 4 Kids have developed a suite of Facilitator’s Manuals for our therapeutic group programs – available for free download. These programs have been developed for children and their parents who have experienced homelessness and domestic violence.

Caterpillars to Butterflies is for girls aged 5-9 years. The butterfly analogy assists children to identify their strengths in the face of change and uncertainty. Download free copy here.

Pirates is a group for boys aged 5-9 years.  This program uses the analogy of sailing through rough seas to help children identify their strengths in dealing with the unknown. Download free copy here.

The Garden is for infants 0 – 4 years accompanied by a parent and promotes shared positive experiences between child and parent. The Garden uses sensory-based activities to support attachment and attunement such as music, relaxation, cooking and puppetry. Download free copy here.

Cha Cha Sam is a series of songs and therapeutic activities that build resilience and support children moving from an environment where there was violence and/or intimidation. The handbook of simple art based exercises and accompanying CD of songs that nurture optimism are available free of charge from T4K offices at Hindmarsh and Berri. Please contact T4K.

Upcoming Events and Training

T4K is offers several one-day professional development courses. All free for NAHA funded services. View the calendar to learn more: Professional Development Calendar T4K

What we know

Together 4 Kids exists because children who are or have been homeless will often be feeling insecure, or even traumatised. Their routines and their relationships are likely to have been disrupted and they may have experienced multiple losses and stresses. Their parents are going through tough times, and at this time, often are not able to provide the emotional support they would like to.

These children can be assisted by caring, skilled staff to make sense of their sometimes complex experiences, understand and manage their feelings, develop friendships and feel safe.

Our starting point is the needs of each child, and the importance of responding to children as individuals in the context of their family.

What is Together 4 Kids?

Together 4 Kids is child focused and customised to support children’s mental health and development to help them manage transitions and make sense of their experiences.

We work directly with children and in collaboration with other homelessness service providers and parents. We view parents as allies in our work; supporting them to learn more about their child’s experiences and strengthen positive bonds with their children.


2016 Child Focussed Practice was a Finalist for Learning Program of the Year for Adult Learners’ Week.

2015 Infant Massage Program was winner of Play Your Part Awards for South Australia from NAPCAN.

2014 Together 4 Kids was winner of Play Your Part Awards for South Australia from NAPCAN.

2012 Together 4 Kids was a finalist in the ‘Excellence in the prevention of, or early intervention in, homelessness’ category as part of the inaugural National Homelessness Services Achievement Awards. Together 4 Kids produced Kamamirna Kakirra (Nanna’s Moon) an educational DVD depicting the importance of a connection to culture in the healing process for Aboriginal women and children who are homeless.

Who is eligible?

Homelessness or domestic violence services can refer a child to Together 4 Kids after completing an initial client assessment. A child’s referral eligibility requirements are:

  • Aged 0-12 years
  • Living with a parent who is homeless or in unstable accommodation
  • Identified as in high need of support to process complex life experiences, significant loss or distress.
  • The child may have complex needs requiring multiple service responses.
  • They may have experienced significant disadvantage such as chronic homelessness.
  • They may have developmental difficulties and may have had exposure to violence, abuse, or other trauma.
  • Their family may need support to increase their child focus.

Referral form

To make a referral to Together 4 Kids click here. Download the form and email and/or scan completed form to:

Together 4 Kids team

We are all trained in helping kids deal with tough situations, and we have plenty of options for kids of different ages. Find out more about the Together 4 Kids team.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Chloe, our therapy dog, with handler, Mel

Therapy dogs are specifically trained to interact safely with children in guided, therapeutic work. Children and young people can benefit greatly from animal assisted therapy as it helps them feel comfortable and safe, as well as helps them engage and participate in sessions.

The worker and therapy dog can meet with your child at home, at school or at a local venue. Therapeutic interventions incorporating Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) have been shown to be particularly effective within the following areas:

  • Social skill development
  • Emotional identification and regulation difficulties
  • Trauma related issues
  • Sensory/physical needs
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Selective Mutism
  • Phobia/fear of dogs

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Funding Acknowledgement

The Child Focused Support Service (Together 4 Kids) is provided by Relationships Australia South Australia Ltd and funded by the Government of South Australia, Department of Communities and Social Inclusion through the National Affordable Housing Agreement and National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

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