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Circle of Security 1:1 via Skype – Berri

Please call to negotiate dates and times that work for you.


Circle of Security 1:1 is now available via Skype with on-site support!

Circle of Security is a relationship-based parenting program that is designed to enhance your parenting skills and strengthen your child-parent relationships. Understanding that the need for secure relationships is ‘built-in’, is a key learning from this course.

This 4 session course is ideal for mothers, fathers, significant others, parents to be, grandparents, foster and adoptive parents or anyone that is providing care for children.

This course will cover:

  • Finding meaning in your child’s behaviour
  • How to help your child organise their feelings
  • How to help your child feel secure in their relationships
  • How to engage your child in meaningful play and learning
  • How to support you in your role as a parent when times are tough
  • How to support your child in managing difficult behaviours, e.g. tantrums, attention seeking, clingy behaviour


This service is free

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Please call Miriam at Relationships Australia SA, Berri on (08) 8582 4122.

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