Relationships Australia South Australia

Empowering people to improve their health and wellbeing

Our reason for being

Relationships Australia South Australia was formed in 2006 as a specialist, not-for-profit, charitable organisation which focuses on improving health and wellbeing.

Our purpose is:

  • To advance the health of all South Australians through the prevention, control and treatment of diseases and ailments
  • To facilitate the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases, drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, mental illness, and mental health conditions such as depression and suicide
  • To provide prevention programs to reduce the incidence of diseases and ailments
  • To provide or contribute to relief from poverty, sickness, distress, suffering, misfortune or helplessness of all South Australians living with diseases and ailments through the provision of treatment services
  • To improve health care and early diagnosis through the provision of professional education, referral information and the collaborative delivery of services
  • To provide services for the public benefit without discrimination
  • To take initiatives and make representation in matters of social and family policy relevant to our work
  • To undertake any other objectives or activities, which may from time to time, deem consistent with the above objectives and purposes.